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As you can imagine, Brazil is an exquisite country with natural beauties and amazing landscapes. It really is! The conference will be located in the South Region of Brazil (see the Brazilian's Map), a region with a mixture of technology and history. Santa Catarina is the state where the conference will be held. Florianopolis is the main city, an island with more than 70 km of extension. The main attractions of the city are the city center and, of course, the hospitable native people, the beaches and the seafood!

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Flying in Brazil

You probably will arrive in Brazil at the Sao Paulo International Airport of Guarulhos (IATA GRU). The Guarulhos Airport has both international and national flights. However, the main gate for national flights is Sao Paulo International Airport of Congonhas (IATA CGH). There is a special transfer between those two airports. The flight from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis is about 50 minutes. From Rio de Janeiro the flight time is about 1,5 hours, depending on the connections.

Brazil has many airlines connecting the cities and all of them are trustable and reliable. TAM is the major one and offers connections through CGH for everywhere. GOL is the low-fare airline company covering all cities in Brazil.

For more information, check also the INFRAERO website.